NTER Mobile


NTER Mobile is a mobile companion to the NTER online learning platform


NTER Mobile will allow you to take learning content on the go with you where you are unable to establish an internet connection.

With the latest release, NTER Mobile now requires users to sign in. This allows for tracking of the module progress as is done on the NTER Learning web site. This latest build also includes support for in-module questions elements for essay and multiple choice.

The application can be found on the Apple Store at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nter-mobile/id642523262?mt=8

The application available on the Apple Store supports iOS 6 & iOS 7.

Information on mobile enabling learning modules can be found at [NTER Mobile Authors Guide]

For more information on NTER Mobile, send an email to info@eschatch.com or support@eschatch.com

For more information on Escape Hatch Entertainment, please visit www.eschatch.com

NTER Mobile Screen Images: